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Licensed Massage Therapists around the country have worked hard to build a solid reputation in the medical community. The two top professional massage therapy organizations respond  to a report  placing the burden of reducing trafficking on professional therapists.

We are working to change the public perception of massage therapists, as we are allied health professionals, with professional training and licensure.  One of the leading magazines in massage wrote about the importance of language.

Unfortunately, Human Traffickers have used massage as a front for their illicit activities.  Polaris Project, an organization leading the fight to end human trafficking worldwide, has compiled an extensive report on the business of Massage Parlor Trafficking .

The state of Washington recently agreed to license reflexologists, and the Washington Reflexology Association acknowledges traffickers use their profession and foot spas as a front for illicit activity.

Here’s an interesting article on the language often used in conjunction with sex trafficking.

In 2013, The North Carolina Department of Public Safety compiled a report in on the problem of human trafficking in the state.  While the statistics are dated, it is a comprehensive look on how an international problem affects us locally. 

Research performed by RTI International studied migrant farm workers in North Carolina, seeking to discover whether people were abused or had fallen victim to labor trafficking.   

Human trafficking resources

National and worldwide:

Polaris Project focuses on the problem of human trafficking in the United States.

Freedom United is a world-wide organization working to end modern day slavery.

National Human Trafficking Hotline  offers  a safe space to report potential trafficking situations, and support to victims and survivors of trafficking, and   information and resources regarding human trafficking.

End It Movement is an international coalition of organizations fighting to put an end to modern day slavery.

Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking  offers  trainings to businesses that teach employees how to identify potential victims, how they can help end this horrible practice, and protect children from being exploited. BEST also helps employers discover how they can protect their operations  from any potential employee’s involvement in exploitation.

North Carolina:

Information from the Human Trafficking Hotline specific to the state of North Carolina. 

The State of North Carolina is taking steps to combat human trafficking.  They have created the NC Human Trafficking Commission,  and also have compiled a list of resources throughout the state  that support victims of all kinds, with a special section (beginning on page 6) specifically for human trafficking victims.

Shield NC works to support municipalities throughout the state in reducing human trafficking.

Partners Against Trafficking Humans in NC is a coalition of concerned agencies throughout North Carolina working to increase public awareness ind increase prevention in regards to human trafficking.

Other Resources

Many victims of human trafficking deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,  and often turn to substances to dull the pain.  Recovery Village offers an indepth look at PTSD.  (NOTE:  This is not an endorsement of any services or products provided by the company)

In the News

The News & Observer talks about how the State of North Carolina requires liquor stores to take part in the fight against human trafficking.

There is a major human trafficking problem in North Carolina. Here’s some insight over at Salon.

Here’s a story from the Hickory Record that describes how easy it can be for both adults and children from all walks of life to fall victim to human traffickers, and what communities are doing to combat the issues.


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